Drive and Survive

Fishing for 2021 has been extended to include November as travel restriction from the UK are relaxing and travel is now becoming so much easier – TIME TO FISH 😉

We are currently offering Drive & Survive customers FREE per angler, per week: 5kg boilies, 10kg particle, when booked for a week

Please let us know if there are specific dates you require. Things change and we can always get back to you if they do. For 2022 dates please get in touch.

Prices for 2021/2022 are: €250 per angler per week (€70 per week for non-angling partners). €50 non refundable deposit, balance due in euros cash on arrival. Tickets for 24hr, 48hr and 72hr are available when lake is not booked, please email or message via Facebook

Availability for Drive and Survive currently is:

Dates availablePlaces available
4 – 11 September 2021BOOKED
11 – 18 September 20213 places
18 – 25 September 2021BOOKED
25 September -16 October 20213 places
23 – 30 October 2021BOOKED
30 October – 27 November 20213 places

There is a maximum of 3 anglers at any one time with a total of 9 rods. Our Fishery Rules are available here, please read them so you know what’s what. Unhooking mats, cradles and weighing slings are provided, please do not bring your own.

Please note that buddies coming along just to drink are not welcome. We are a family site with other guests here staying in the Gite. However, non-fishing partners are welcome and are charged at €70 per person per week (limited to one non-fishing person for each angler)

Please contact us if you are interested in any of the above dates. Email us and let us know what you need or drop us a message on Facebook

There will be kitchen and dining room with facilities to make hot drinks, meals and eat in comfort, or enjoy meals from our meal package (email us for details). Check out some of our food here.

We will provide a freezer for bait storage and we have quality bait available to purchase on site at very reasonable prices – see our Bait page for more information. Our fish know the bait as food and catch on it

Outside we will be providing a BBQ and seating area to enjoy the lake when eating or just relaxing with a beer after a hard day’s fishing 😉

There’s lots to do around here in this beautiful area of France., so have a look at our Locality and Activities page

We’ll add photos here as we go so you can see the progress and the finished results 🙂 More photos to come