Les Ravalières only uses high quality baits and provides a good affordable stock in our bait shop

All bait to be paid in Euros on site. If you can advise bait required in advance that would help us be ready for you to start fishing

  • House boilies 20mm – €10 per kg or €45 for 5 kg
  • Mad Baits Nutz Plus boilies 18mm – €45 for 5kg
  • Pellet – 9mm – €15 for 5kg
  • Pellet – 15mm – €15 for 5kg
  • Pellet – 12mm Gold – €15 for 5kg
  • Pellet – 12mm Standard – €10 for 5kg
  • Pellet mix (all above pellet) – €15 for 5kg
  • Prepared particle mix – €12 for 5kg
  • Prepared hemp – €15 for 5kg

We are also stocking pop-ups, wafters and liquids and some end tackle

You are welcome to bring your own fresh or fresh frozen bait. The health of our fish and lake is very important to us so no shelf-life boilies or tiger nuts please

However, we are offering our bait at competitive prices and this can purchased on site saving you money and carrying it here

We try to reduce single use plastic as much as possible and therefore supply bait in re-usable lidded tubs/buckets (these remain our property and are to stay on site)

There is fridge and freezer space provided close to the lake for you to store your bait so it is easily accessible while you fish

Please ensure you read our Fishery Rules in the Info section

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