Les Ravalières only uses high quality bait. We stock and order boilies and quick breakdown pellets to match, made locally by Woody’s ‘Hooked in France’ Baits, providing an excellent quality affordable stock in our bait shop. This bait is to be paid in Euros on site. It’s helpful if you can advise bait required 4 weeks in advance so we can ensure we have the flavours and sizes that you want


Fresh frozen Boilies, 5kg packs available in 15mm or 18mm (Woody’s Baits)Price € Per 5kg
Twisted Tuna range:——————
         Cranberry & Black Caviar€50
         Squid & Octopus€50
         Salmon & Plum (NEW FOR 2024)€50
KS1 range:——————
         Creamy Scopex€50
         Woody’s Nutz (NEW FOR 2024)€50
Quick breakdown pellets in 6mm to match boilies above (1kg packs)Price € Per kilo
Cranberry & Black Caviar€7.50
Squid & Octopus€7.50
Creamy Scopex€7.50
Woody’s Nutz (NEW FOR 2024)€7.50
4 weeks notice appreciated to ensure they are made in time for you
Pellet – high quality, supplied by us:Price in €
3mm (fish meal based)€4 per kilo only
5mm (fish meal based)€4 per kilo only
9mm (fish meal based)€15 per 5kg
15mm (fish meal based)€15 per 5kg
Pellet mix (all of above)€15 per 5kg
Sack of pellet (9mm or 15mm only) – 25kg€60.00
Pellet supplied in our buckets which are to remain on site
Prepared particle mix cooked and supplied by us:
(eg maize – whole and cut, wheat, hemp, garlic, chilli)
€2.50 per kilo€12 per 5kg
Prepared hemp cooked and supplied by us€4.50 per kilo€15 per 5kg
Above supplied in our buckets which are to remain on site————–————-
24 hours notice appreciated for both, particularly hemp, particle generally available
Nutz Plus pop ups€3
Nutz Plus wafters€3
Nutz Plus glug 500ml€3
Nutz Plus liquid food 500ml€3

Woody’s Bait

Woody started to make bait for his own lake and the recipes were developed with help from a bait maker in the UK with over 30 years of bait making experience.  They are rolled locally, air dried and then frozen, only 10 minutes from Les Ravalières.  All Woody’s Baits boilies are fresh frozen and made using real eggs and the best ingredients, with no fillers or preservatives.

We asked Woody to develop a high carb winter feed boilie with garlic and added vitamins to help support the immune system of our carp.  He duly made a great one and this is fed regularly over winter and as the fish come out of winter.

Boilies – Twisted Tuna and KS1 Ranges

Examples below on the left of the Twisted Tuna Range, and on the right, of the KS1 Range of boilies made by our local artisan boilie maker, Woody’s Baits.

Twisted tuna boilie range

The Twisted Tuna Range is available in 3 flavours: Cranberry & Black Caviar; Squid & Octopus; or Salmon & Plum.

Twisted tuna is a blend of tuna, pure krill extract, pre-digested, tuna & crayfish meals along with a milk protein give the bait a good balanced protein base. With the inclusion of bird foods including Robin Red along with tuna extract this bait has been developed to ensure best nutritional value for the health and growth of the fish.

The KS1 Range is available in 2 flavours: Creamy Scopex; and Woody’s Nutz (Woody’s Nuts was developed at Jon’s request for our lake and includes tigernut and peanut)

KS1 is a creamy blend of easily digestible ingredients including bird foods, brewers yeast, vanilla, Brocacel yeast culture, milk proteins and kelp. This bait has also been developed to ensure fish get an extensive mix of amino acids and vitamins for optimum nutritional value for the health and growth for the fish.

KS1 range boilie range

Woody’s Quick Breakdown Pellets

Flavoured 6mm special pellets to match the boilies above

These quick breakdown high quality pellets are made fresh by Woody’s Baits. He’s been working with three bait guys, two who have been in the pellet industry for many years, to ensure the mixes do everything needed including protein, digestibility, aminos, vitamins etc.

We also offer Gift Cards to buy that can be put towards the Gite, Fishing and Bait (bought on site) – an ideal Christmas or birthday present. Or get together to buy one for a colleague’s leaving present!

You are welcome to bring your own fresh or fresh frozen bait. The health of our fish and lake is very important to us so no shelf-life boilies or tiger nuts please

However, we are offering our quality, proven bait at competitive prices and this can purchased on site saving you money and time

We try to reduce single use plastic as much as possible and therefore supply bait in re-usable lidded tubs/buckets (these remain our property and are to stay on site)

There is freezer space provided close to the lake for you to store your bait so it is easily accessible while you fish

Please ensure you read our Fishery Rules in the Info section

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