Règles de pêche

  1. Nombre de pêcheurs sur le lac limité à 3 (à l'exclusion de l'enfant de moins de 12 ans avec un parent). Maximum de 3 cannes par pêcheur, 1 ligne, 1 hameçon
  2. Les enfants ne doivent pas être laissés sans surveillance autour du lac
  3. No rods to be left unattended for any reason.  If you need to go further than 30m then remove your hooks and baits from the water. Even if you are using receivers
  4. No sacking of fish under any circumstances
  5. Pas de baignade, le pataugeage est uniquement encouragé pour relâcher le poisson
  6. Only on-site landing nets, slings and mats/cradles to be used, all provided upon arrival. Please do ne sont pas bring your own. We also have weighing tripods and scales.
  7. Rupture minimale de la ligne de 15lb/7kg
  8. Pas de tresse comme ligne principale
  9. No lead core or lead-less leaders to be used
  10. Tungsten tubing to be used – minimum 2 feet. This is to prevent damage to the scales of the fish. If you are unsure how to use it we will show you how and we will have some available on site.
  11. Pas de tige longue, de cloueur, de crochets coudés et circulaires.
  12. Micro-crochets à ardillon uniquement
  13. No metal or clips above the lead.
  14. No fixed leads, all rigs must be safety rigs, ie eject the lead. If in doubt, please ask.
  15. Tous les appareils de forage seront inspectés
  16. No shelf-life boilies. No plastic baits. No nuts. No maggots. Particle to be purchased on site only to ensure correct preparation.
  17. We have our own quality proven bait on site at competitive prices saving you money and time.  You are welcome to bring your own fresh or fresh frozen bait – please advise of brand name. No shelf-life boilies or tiger nuts please.
  18. Keep cradles and mats wet as they can become VERY hot in the sun
  19. Carp care is paramount. Treat any hook holes or wounds with a carp care product (Steri Seven or similar). This will be available on site.
  20. If line gets snagged, don’t pull for a break. Tie off to a nearby tree etc, cut line and let us know so we can remove the line and tackle from the water.
  21. If line is snagged with a fish on, let us know immediately and we’ll come and help with the boat.
  22. Our boat is only to be used for freeing up snagged line and fish.
  23. Veuillez photographier toutes les carpes des deux côtés et peser avant de retourner à l'eau
  24. Do not stand up with fish to be photographed, return fish to the water as soon as possible.
  25. All fish over 40lb (18kg) – get in the water to take photographs, and return the fish whilst in the water to ensure the safety of the fish
  26. Please send us all photographs and weights of fish caught as this allows us to keep accurate records of fish health and weight. We’ll set up a WhatsApp group with you.
  27. We have a bait boat for hire.  Please advise in advance if you wish to bring your own and it must be thoroughly cleaned before arrival.
  28. Ne pas marquer, défigurer ou endommager le poisson de quelque manière que ce soit (il vous sera demandé de quitter le site sans remboursement ni compensation)
  29. No removing fish or introducing fish.
  30. If using the lake-side facilities (kitchen, BBQ, picnic area, toilet and shower) please keep them clean and tidy as you would expect to find them 😊

Environment and Safety

  1. Dogs are only permitted by prior arrangement.  If agreed then the dog doit be friendly with other dogs (as our dogs will be exercised around the lake), kept close and under control at all times.  Dogs are ne sont pas to be left unattended at any time when on the premises.  All poo to be collected and bagged for disposal
  2. No litter, including cigarette ends, matches, tea bags, nylon line etc. Use the rubbish bags provided and the bin near the facilities
  3. No fires or barbeques.  We have provided a gas barbeque for you to use
  4. Alarms – please set them to their lowest volume or have a receiver
  5. Radios and televisions – please set the volume so that only you can hear it
  6. Respecter la faune et la flore
  7. No cutting of vegetation around swims or lake
  8. Respect each other and the owners and their representatives
  9. S'il vous plait do not use the bushes or trees as toilets – There is a toilet near the lake
  10. No recreational drugs are permitted on site, excessive alcohol consumption is not permitted, especially when fishing (you could be asked to leave the site without refund or compensation)
  11. No aggressive or anti-social behaviour (you will be asked to leave the site without refund or compensation)
  12. No firearms, bladed or offensive weapons, cross-bows, archery equipment to be brought on site (you will be asked to leave the site without refund or compensation if you do)

Nous avons travaillé dur pour en faire un endroit confortable où vous pouvez venir en vacances avec votre famille ou votre partenaire et profiter de la pêche.  La plupart des règles sont habituelles dans la plupart des pêcheries, clubs, syndicats, etc. et sont conçues pour nous aider à vous aider à passer des vacances plus agréables